Curing Chronic Disease
From the Root

Biostimulation based therapy is to promote healing on cellular level for potentially recovery, not a temporary relief as other therapies do.

Significantly improving chronic symptom in just a few treatments.

Feb 2014


When Suffering Chronic Disease...

Conventional therapy takes no effect anymore. Many people heavily relies on opoid medicine or electrotherapy for a temporary relief. As seen, overdosed opoid painkiller kills people too.

Electrotherapy may help in certain level relief but has functional limitations for-` a recovery due to:

  • lack a way to address the root of symptom fundamentally.
  • lack a comprehensive understanding of biological and physiological reaction from the stimulation.
  • improper dosage and operation causing invalid treatment.


The Solution

AI/Robots Backed Biostimulation...

A medical device in front performs biostimulation to induce healing on cellular level for chronic symptoms.

An App to guide user to pain origin, tailor treatment formula to device, and gather biofeedback from the body.

AI/Robots in backend that validates the effect based on gathered biofeedback, optimizes the parameters, and then, pushes new formula to device for next treatment.

How The Solution Works

The Science Behind

What is the biostimulation?



Working on the Root

Sending a tiny current of bioelectricity in specific waveform over injured area to pick up where the body’s own (injury) current fails, it realigns the electromagnetic field of cell membrane biologically so as to normalize the ordinary activity taking place with the cell. (see above diagram)

Meantime, it increases the production of ATP, protein synthesis, ion exchange, and detoxification. Homeostasis is restored.

Non-invasive, 100% drug free, no side effect.



Long Term vs Temporary

Biostimulation is being more biologically compatible than any other electrotherapy, and having the ability to penetrate the cell for rejuvenation for a long term effect, as opposed to pass over the cell and use strong stimuli to inhabit cell activity for a temporary relief as other electrotherapy does.

Working on muscle, tendon and neuropathic pains that represents 90% of chronic pain population. Many symptoms could be significantly improved in a few treatments with no side effect.

Surgery Room

Speed recovery, inflammation, ulcers, joint reunion etc.


Reunion of muscle, tendon and neuropathy, 50% fast of bone regeneration.

Pain Center

Joint injury, fibromyalgia, myofascial, arthritis, spinal pain relief.

Athlete Recovery

Tendon repair, ruptured ligament recovery, sprains, strains and cramps.

Senior Caring

Diabetic neuropathy, macular degeneration, arthritis, walking difficulty.

Physical Therapy

Low back pain, neck pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, tendon and joint repairing, difficult in walking...

Home Patient

Improve or relief 90% of pains at any time and place.

Face Lifting and Firming

Wrinkle, eyelid, saggling, tone, firming and many amazing cosmetic function.