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Biostimulation therapy is not just for musculoskeletal disorder. Recently, it has been developed and used as electric medicine for those disorders from organs and intestines.

Feb 2014

Our Solution

Biostimulation + Smart device + App + data


The Science Behind

Biostimulation on cellular level

Sending bioelectricity over injured area to realign electromagnetic field of cell membrane biologically so as to normalize the ordinary activity of the cell. Meanwhile, it boost ATP, protein synthesis, ion exchange, and detoxification. Homeostasis is restored.

Penetrating the origin.

Comparing to other therapy working on pain area, biostimulation therapy should work on the Origin that causing the pain. Thus, many pain symptoms could be significantly improved in a few treatments.

Origin - Pain area may not the origin causing the pain. Locating the Origin is to work on the root. Many biostimulation therapy received liitle relief due to failing to work on the Origin.

Waveform - Using specific waveform that the Origin may be biologically resonanted with.

Placement - Properly placing device could allow specific Waveform penetrating into the Origin.



The technology behind

Targeted Treatment

Combining App, Smart Device, biosensor and backend data, it could gracefully determine the Origin and deliver Waveform for symptom oriended pain relief and recovery.

1. App guide user look up the Origin by certern criteria.

2. App guide user place Smart Device on specific locations. Instead of one pathway of biostimulation, using 4-way extension of Smart Device to deliver up to six pathways for maximum penetration to the Origin.

3. App will load and push desired Waveform to Smart Device, and activate the treatment.

4. App will then gather biofeedback, validate with backend database, and push optimized Waveform to Smart Device for next treatment.

Pain on the spot

With no App, the Smart Device could be simply powered up and place around pain area for pain on the spot.

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