Frequently Asked Questions

Keys to make a valid therapy

How to make a valid therapy?

Different from other electrotherapy, biostimulation is senseless so patient won't feel any electrical shocking during treatment.
If there were little improvement after a few treatments, follow procedure below and try again.

Step 1: Lookup Device Placement

With PainKARE App, lookup sympton list and determine device placement locations.

Without PainKARE app, determine device placement locations with bilateral rules, as illustrated.

Step 2: Place the device on

Thoroughly clean the locations with abrasive conductive gel or water. (maximally lower skin impedance that affects biostimulation penetration).

Attach device with electrodes, and place the device on those locations.

Strongly Suggested

Whenever possible, add or apply PainKARE 4-Way Extension with the treatment so that it would generate up to six pathways of biostimulation to ensure the penetration.

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Is biostimulation a TENS

No, TENS is a painkiller for short term relief with side effects. Biostimulation induces healing for the injuries with no side effect, and expects a recovery.

Do I need to see a doctor?

Pain could be a symptom of illness or injury. The therapy is not intended to replace formal medical diagnosis and treatment, especially for those reflective pains from organ or endrocine diseases.
Consult your physician before if you have any of the following conditions: 1. Implanted metallic device, such as cardiac pacemaker 2. Infectious disease or fever 3. Under the age of 4 4. Cancer, fever or other infection 5. Pregnancy, thrombosis, phlebitis, epilepsy 6. Under other medical or physical treatment

Does the therapy safe?

Yes, it is safe. There is no side effect reported.
Due to a drastic change in muscle tissues, which leads to a sudden removal of waste products (detoxification), some people may (rarely) experience certain adverse reaction such as nausea, fatigue, drowsiness, and a temporary flu-like feeling. Those feelings generally show up after first couple treatments and last from 4 to 24 hours. If those reactions last after couple treatments, stop the treatment and consult with your physician.

How soon it takes effect?

Usually, the effect may take couple hours or a day to emerge because cell repairing takes time. It is not comparable with TENS device that sends strong pulse to block pain sensation for a quick and short term relief.
Treatment effect is cumulative. It is not required to complete a treatment continuously but off and on of treatment works too. The more time, the better for effect taking place.

Why I can't feel anything during therapy?

You should not feel anything during treatment as biostimulation is so tiny and under subsensory so it is senseless. Some user may experience minor tingling.

Can I do treatment while sleeping?

The device is wearable. Do the treatment at any time and place, even while in working or sleeping.
But, it is recommended to drink more water and keep activity, if possible, during the treatment.